Marias Medical Center Auxiliary

"Caring for Others Through Service"

The Auxiliary was first known as "Toole County Hospital Auxiliary." This organization was reestablished in 1977 by some very dedicated women, and was known as "The Organization To Belong To." In 1998, the name was changed to "Marias Medical Center Auxiliary."

The goal of the Auxiliary is to assist in activities and needs of the patients and residents of the Marias Medical Center, Care Center, Heritage Center, and Marias Healthcare Services, Inc.

This goal is accomplished through the purchase of equipment and necessary items to be used by and for these persons and to make our facility better for all concerned.
Contributions may also be made to the community as approved by the members of the Marias Medical Center Auxiliary.

Membership is open to all men and women. Annual dues are only $2.00. The Auxiliary holds monthly meetings the first Wednesday of each month. Meetings are held in the Marias Medical Center Conference Room at 12:00 p.m. For more information, call 434-3271!

Cedar Closet
The Auxiliary operates the Cedar Closet in its sales of donated used items and clothing. The Cedar Closet was first established to purchase items to stock the gift shop in the hospital. The Cedar Closet is located downtown at 317 Main Street in Shelby. The Cedar Closet is open Tuesday through Friday from 10AM-3PM and Saturday from 10AM-2PM. For larger donations, please call ahead, otherwise donations are accepted during regular business hours. Please do not leave items outside.
The Cedar Closet is staffed by caring volunteers. Please call 424-8123 for more information.

The Gift Shop
The Auxiliary Gift Shop sells gift items, cards, candy and snack items, flowers, and consignment items. The Gift Shop is located at the main entrance to Marias Medical Center and Marias Care Center and is open Monday through Friday from 11AM-2PM. The Gift Shop is staffed by very generous volunteers.
Now serving soup from 11 am -1 pm (or while supplies last) Tuesday - Friday and sub-sandwhiches on Monday.
The Gift Shop can be reached at 434-3214.

The Tree of Life
Marias Medical Center Auxiliary’s popular commemorative giving program, The Tree of Life, provides you with a wonderful means to remember the life of a loved one with a memorial gift. The Tree of Life is a symbol of caring. It symbolizes Marias Medical Centers outreach into the community & your affirmative support. It symbolizes dedication, commitment & our shared purpose. Through your support, the Tree of Life will grow, making possible the continued commitment to excellence in community health care.
The Tree of Life once gracefully adorned the hallways of the hospital, but in recent years we have updated to digital screens. The digital screens serve as a tangible & visible sign of your commitment to caring & remembering loved ones. Each name listed provides a lasting vision of hope & encouragement for the thousands who visit Marias Medical Center each year. In May 2016, we also planted a tree as a physical representation of the Tree of Life program. Donations to the Tree of Life can be made by completing this form.

Some of the purchases that we have purchased or contributed to include:
A Spa tub for Marias Care Center Dementia Care Unit, a fish tank for the Marias Care Center Alzheimer’s wing, Bed-side cabinets for all of the hospital rooms, $10,000 toward the color ultrasound unit for MMC radiology, Portable Vital Signs Monitors for MMC, Digital Mammography machine for MMC, Bilirubin Blankets for MMC, Hospital beds, Training Manikin for MMC and the Toole County Ambulance, a stretcher/Gurney, newspaper subscriptions for Marias Heritage Center and Marias Care Center, and Temporal thermal scan thermometers for MMC and Marias Care Center.

All proceeds raised by the above activities are used to meet the goals set by the Marias Medical Center Auxiliary.

Each year, the Auxiliary awards scholarships to local students who are pursuing a degree in a medical field. The MMC Auxiliary awarded $1,000 scholarships to Sarah Sanchez, Amberlynn Lawson, Justine Bye, and Briane White; and awarded $500 scholarships to Melissa Gray and Jodi Habets.

Please click below to see if you qualify to apply for the Marias Medical Center Auxiliary scholarship. We are currently accepting applications!

DEADLINE: April 14th