Dexa Scan

The bone densitometer (DEXA) is designed to estimate the bone mineral density and body composition (lean and fat tissue mass) of patients when medically indicated by their provider.

Using categories of fracture risk defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), the DEXA Scan provides an assessment of 10-year fracture risk using WHO FRAX model.

Do I need a DEXA Scan?

If you are at risk for a fracture, especially hip fractures. Everyone who is at risk for osteoporosis or osteopenia. Traumatic injuries is the #1 killer of people over 70.

Discuss with your provider if you are at risk and if you should schedule a DEXA Scan.

Dexa Features

  • QuickView measurement application
  • Total body measurement and analysis
  • Dual-energy vertebral assessment
  • Spine geometry
  • Hand measurement and analysis
  • Body composition coding and mapping
  • DualFemur measurement and analysis
  • Total body and regional tissue quantitation
  • Orthopedic hip measurement andanalysis
  • Orthopedic knee measurement and analysis
  • FRAX 10-year Fracture Risk