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Healthstream courses are due prior to starting work and annually during employees’ month of hire.

To do classes from your home computer, check your system by logging into Healthstream, from your home page; click My Profile and then click Check System Requirements. If you have forgotten your log in information or are having any problems contact Julia at 434-3220.

Click here for miscellaneous training opportunities through Idaho State Workforce training. Most of these classes are $20, but there are many oppotunities listed below that are free of charge.

Employee Motivation - The New Carrot

Leaders often ask, "What is it that motivates my employees?" Conventional wisdom tells you that money is the greatest motivator, but research says otherwise. We will examine longstanding beliefs about employee motivation and contribution and learn meaningful insight into ways leaders can motivate employees to increased retention, productivity and contributions.
This webinar explores the new "Four Drive" model of employee motivation and discusses innovative ways you can reach a diverse workforce.

When: At your convenience
Cost: Free

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Your Guide to Optimal Health

Carrying a few extra pounds?
Are you tired of feeling tired all the time?

Dr. Warren Willey, the best-selling author of “What Does Your Doctor Look Like Naked?” and “Better Than Steroids”, is presenting a webinar for business professionals interested in improving the way they look and feel through simple lifestyle changes. Learn 12 simple lifestyle changes you can make today, that will improve your health, prevent disease and optimize your life!
Included in a single hour are:

1. Three main factors determining the quality of weight loss
2. Four major components of total daily energy expenditure
3. The unknown reasons for difficulty with dieting and how to overcome them

Register today for this incredible opportunity to hear from one of the nation’s premier experts on nutrition and health.

When: At your convenience
Cost: Free
Here is your link to the recorded version of the webinar: Optimal Health Webinar
Here is a copy of Dr. Willey's slides Optimal Health Slides

Bloodborne Pathogens

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The possibility of U.S. workers acquiring a bloodborne disease such as AIDS or hepatitis B while on the job requires special attention.

In December of 1991, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the U.S. Department of Labor, published a regulation titled, Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens.

We invite you to attend a new webinar series made possible by the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program. This course presents the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard in a unique and timely fashion.

The topic is covered in four sections:

1) Microbes and the chain of infectiom
2) Statistics and pathophysiology
3) Prevention
4) The OSHA Standard itself

Don’t be a victim to deadly bloodborne diseases. Learn how to protect yourself by adhering to the simple rules covered in this presentation.

Workplace Organization

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5 easy steps to increase productivity and improve your work life.
Work place organization is a process and method for creating and maintaining a safe, organized, clean, high-performance workplace. This webinar will explain the simple steps to transform any work place from chaos to a highly functioning operation.

Why Implement Work Place Organization?
- Creates proper environment for STANDARD WORK
- Prerequisite to perfect QUALIITY
- Helps identify WASTE & ABNORMALITIES
- Places high value on SAFETY

Essential Employee Skills

You are invited to attend our Free Webinar

Date: Recorded

Time: watch anytime

Cost: Free

Whether you're looking for a new job or just want to perform better in your current job, there are some employee skills that are vital to your success. This class is a primer of business communication, ethics on the job, and customer service--all essential components of a valuable employee.

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