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Marias Medical Center's history began publicly in September 10, 1897’s issue of the Chouteau Teton Chronicle. In this edition “Dr. Ings reports that with carful nursing Mrs. Nellie Parker (Abbott) will soon be around again…Shelby is in need of a hospital. There are three persons very sick in town at present with no proper accommodations. There has not been a week since Dr. Ings located here that there has not been two or three persons brought to town requiring medical assistance, some with broken bones and others with various diseases.” Although this is the first mention of the need of a hospital for Shelby with several locations around town of smaller hospitals it is not until September 25, 1944 that CC Jean P. Gerlough met with the Lions Club and “…presented plans for a new facility…” which was built and is now the location of Marias Heritage Center at 111 2nd Street South. Construction began in 1948 and was completed on April 1, 1951 with over 1,000 people attending the Dedication Ceremonies. In 1958, a 32 bed nursing home addition was added. This facility served as a hospital and nursing home for many years until it was abandoned in 1980 after ten years of planning for a new facility. More than twenty years passed before the old facility was remodeled to accommodate retirement living in 1998. The new facility was completed in 1980 and is now located at 640 Park Avenue.

Upon transfer to the new facility, more rooms were needed for the nursing home so local citizens donated money as a deposit for a room, while also approving a bond issue to build the addition to the nursing home which was completed in 1981. In 1996 Toole County Hospital and Nursing Home completed the physicians clinic and leased the space to Marias Healthcare Services, Inc. a 501c(3) Non-profit corporation. With the addition of the physician clinic to the campus, the governing board felt that the facility should change its name to Marias Medical Center as the campus offered hospital, extended care, physician and rehab services for the citizens of Toole County and surrounding area. Marias Healthcare Services, Inc. added two satellite clinics, one in Valier and one in Sunburst, as well as a Dental Clinic on Oilfield Avenue.

Marias Medical Center admits over 380 residents for hospital stays per year, delivers 40 babies, has over 1,700 emergency room visits. The long-term Care Center has 35 residents and is managed by EmpRes. In addition, Marias Heritage Center houses over 30 retired living people per day and serves over 33,000 meals per year.