It's Tourney Time!

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Trip Of The Month: Proceeds towards Infusion Center

Limited time, Limited tickets, Incredible odds

Take a chance, win a trip, support a worthy cause.

How does it work?

Two winners are drawn each month for twelve months! Beginning January 2019.

-First prize each month is the vacation, a second drawing for $150 cash. All names are reentered! Limited to four 1st place winnings.
-Only 300 tickets, and they are sold until December 31, 2018. The break even deadline is November 1st. If less than half of the tickets are sold, the money will be returned.
- In lieu of the trip, the winner may choose $1000 travel voucher or $750 cash.
*Winners must be 21 yrs or older.

If you have read and understand the rules of this brochure and would like to enter, please mail a $150 check made payable to the Toole County Health Foundation c/o Erin Wanken PO Box 915 Shelby, MT 59474.


January Winners
Winner's Choice (two tickets anywhere within the 48 contiguous states): Lorette and Tom Carter
$150 Winner: Deb Brandon

February Winners
Seattle Trip: Mary Jo and Phil Aschim
$150 Winner: Doug Vermulum

March Winners
San Diego Trip: Stephanie Nelson
$150 Winner: Joanna Lyon

April Winners
Las Vegas Trip (accommodations on the Strip): Mike and Sherry Cullen
$150 Winner: Shannon and Annie Dunk

May Winners
Fort Lauderdale Trip: Emily and Mac McDermott
Winner$150 Clara Boozer

June Winners
San Antonio Trip: Mary Jo Aschim
Winner$150 Tom and Carolyn Patrick

July Winners
Hololulu Trip: Kathy Nickerson
Winner$150 Shane Clark