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Trip Of The Month Fundraiser

Limited time, Limited tickets, Incredible odds

Take a chance, win a trip, support a worthy cause.

How does it work?

Two winners are drawn each month for twelve months! Beginning January 2020.

-First prize each month is the vacation, a second drawing for $150 cash. All names are reentered for the two BIG trips!
-Only 300 tickets, and we will begin selling January 2020.
- In lieu of the trip, the winner may choose $1000 travel voucher or $750 cash.
*Winners must be 21 yrs or older.

If you have read and understand the rules of this brochure and would like to enter, please mail a $150 check made payable to the Toole County Health Foundation c/o Erin Wanken PO Box 915 Shelby, MT 59474.


April 2021 Winner: St. Petersburg, FL Winner: Lana Kolstad
$150 Winner: Anthony Fleisher
May 2021 Winner: Dallas, TX: Jason Hinch
$150 Winner: Kyle & Lexie Fisher
June 2021 Winner: Las Vegas, NV: Kristen Russell
$150 Winner: Joe and Barb Larson