Health Information Management/Medical Records

Director Denise Krahn: Telephone (406) 434-3203 | Secure Fax (406) 434-3217

The Health Information Management/Medical Records department serves the role as collector of the records of all patient services generated at Marias Medical Center. The medical record is a complete, accurate current record of the history, condition and treatment of the patient and the results of the patient's hospitalizations or outpatient studies. The medical record is used not only to document chronologically the care rendered to the patient, but also to plan and evaluate the patient's treatment and to enhance communication among the patient's physician and other health care professionals treating the patient. The record also provides clinical data for medical, nursing and scientific research. In addition, individuals who conduct medical and nursing audits and peer review evaluations rely heavily on documentation in the medical record. Hospital medical records are also important legal documents to the hospital and the patient.

It is the policy of Marias Medical Center to supply confidential healthcare information to patients upon request. Confidential healthcare records are released through the Health Information Management/Medical Record Department. The hospital may place conditions on the release of confidential healthcare information. These conditions include payment for providing a copy of the patient's confidential healthcare information. The hospital will request proof of identification.

A confidential health care record may be amended if information contained in the record is not accurate; contact the Health Information Management/Medical Records department for requests for amendments to confidential healthcare records.

The Health Information Management/Medical Records department performs many other services such as completion of birth and death certificates that occur at Marias Medical Center. Some of these services include coding records for patient billing, gathering information for statistical reports, and providing services to assist physicians with completion of record documentation. For questions or for assistance please contact the department at the phone number listed above.

To request the release of your medical records, please contact us at 406-434-3203, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Marias Medical Center is proud to be able to serve our veterans. We accept VA and VA Triwest. Marias will work with the VA to ensure services are authorized. We are here to help. If you have questions you may reach out to our billing office at 406-434-3205.