Radiology Services - Medical Imaging

Radiology Services - Medical Imaging

Dan Rudnicki, Director: (406) 434-3250 | FAX (406) 434-3285

Marias Medical Center provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient medical imaging services. The field of Radiology has traveled light years since the discovery of the x-ray beam in 1895. Today, our Medical Imaging department boasts the latest in computer digital technology available. Our mission is to assist your primary care physician in diagnosing your health as quickly and accurately as possible.

Our hospital meets some of the highest quality standards in the industry. Our technologists have years of experience and maintain credentials in numerous specialty areas. Our equipment is certified by the FDA, demonstrating our compliance with the toughest quality control standards in the field of radiology. Northern Montana residents do not have to travel long distances for specialized diagnostic needs.


    • Physicals
    • Gastro-intestinal exams
    • Urinary tract
    • Bone
    • Trauma
    • Reproductive System
    • Chest

Radiology professionals are available 24 hours daily to provide routine imaging services from chest x-rays to demanding emergency room procedures. The Radiology Department has sophisticated digital technology to complete your exam quickly and accurately.

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