MMC Sleep Center Earns Accreditation

Marias Medical Center continuously strives to provide the best care for its patients at all levels and in all departments. The MMC Sleep Lab was recently accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), which is considered the “gold standard” for sleep centers across the United States!

“Achieving this national accreditation by the AASM demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality of care for our patients with sleep disorders,” said Bridget Blevins, registered sleep technician, director of the MMC Sleep Lab and cardiopulmonary services manager. “Besides the many symptoms that sleep disorders can cause, such as daytime sleepiness, difficulty falling asleep or snoring; sleep disorders can also lead to high risk for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and driving or work-related accidents. The good news is we can change the lives of people with sleep disorders through proper diagnosis and treatment.”
In addition to ensuring all patients the highest quality of services provided by the MMC Sleep Center, the accreditation also allows Medicare patients to receive their sleep services at the hospital, keeping them close to home for care. Due to recent changes to Medicare policies, all sleep labs in the country need to be accredited in order to bill Medicare for their services. To receive accreditation, a sleep center must meet or exceed all standards of repossession health care as designated by the AASM. During this process the center undergoes a rigorous review of its personnel, facility and equipment, policies and procedures, data acquisition, patient care and quality assurance. In addition, the sleep center’s goals must be clearly stated and include plans for positively affecting the quality of medical care in the community it serves.

“Being accredited with the AASM is a given accomplishment for our hospital,” said Blevins. “MMC received the accreditation after a long application process and passing a site visit. This was due to a lot of hard work and help from our teams of caregivers including our respiratory therapy department, quality and compliance personnel and maintenance department.”

The MMC Seep Lab is a two-bed unit featuring private suites with comfortable, queen-sized beds and supportive staff to help patients have the best possible sleep experience. Upon seeing the accreditation symbol in the MMC lab, patients can rest assured they are receiving the highest standard of care possible.

“This accreditation means a lot to us,” said Blevins. “We have worked diligently to meet and maintain the rigorous standards set forth by the American Academy of Seep Medicine.”

If you or anyone you know has daytime sleepiness, difficulty falling asleep, excessive snoring or thinks they may need a sleep study, Blevins and her team encourage you to talk to your primary care doctor or call the MMC sleep lab at 406-434-3249.