Wall of Roses

The Wall of Roses fund-raising project began in 2008. Thanks to many generous contributions, Marias Medical Center was able to purchase a digital mammography unit. The unit can take an electronic image of the breast and store it directly on a computer. It uses less radiation than film and allows improvements in image storage and transmission because images can be stored and sent electronically. Radiologists also can use the software to help interpret digital mammograms. The digital machine is also significantly better than film mammography in screening women under the age of 50, and women with very dense breasts.

The Wall of Roses project allows families or individuals to show their support with the hope that those lost to cancer will always be remembered, those who face cancer will be supported, and hopefully, one day cancer will be eliminated.

Donations will be recognized as follows: lavender for a $20 to $150 donation, pink for a donation from $151 to $500, red for a donation of between $501 and $1000, and white for donations of over $1000. Payment plans can also be arranged to help you reach the rose color of your choice. New funds will remain within the radiology department and used toward upkeep on the current unit or toward the eventual purchase of a new unit.

Among our generous supporters are:

Lavender (Blue)

  • In Memory of Jennie Hellinger
  • In Memory of Flora Nasset
  • In Memory of Dorothy Welch and Bonnie Hedrick
  • Survivors: Shirley Gardipee and Victoria Sulenes
  • Allan and Beverly Gage
  • In Memory of Lucy Coyne
  • In Memory of Chris Matteson
  • In Memory of Jan Albright from the Dale White family
  • In Memory of Deanna Durnell from Kelli Christiaens
  • In memory of Ray Christiaens from Robert & Jessica Brusven.


  • Pamida
  • Live Smart. Live Health. BlueCross/Blue Shield of Montana
  • In Memory of Marc Lindberg
  • Marie Ostrem
  • Marias Medical Center Staff

Pink (Copper)

  • Women Helping Others (WHO)
  • In Memory of LaVon Zurn
  • Lore and Joe Sisk
  • Northwest Imaging, PC


  • In Memory of James S. Brandt Love Always, Sue Brandt
  • In Memory of Fong Snow, Cross and Jarussi Families
  • In Memory of Sylvia Salyer
  • In memory of Jannell Whitt